How AI Is Already Changing Your Life

How AI Is Already Changing Your Life

Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t just a sci-fi dream of the future anymore — it’s a core ingredient in many of the tools, apps, gadgets, and services that we all use each day to make life easier. And it’s transforming how we do business, too. Discover how AI technologies are already reshaping our daily lives, transforming how teams work, and helping businesses succeed.

AI is here – now. We’re already using it in our daily lives but how will Machine Learning affect businesses? Enterprises will be started on their journey with AI sooner than you think.

Why AI Now?

The exciting about an AI is, actually that the users are already used to the fact, that they have an AI in the consumer space, for example, iPhone user can ask Siri about what’s the weather today, tomorrow and thins like that.


Why now? Why at the 70’s, 80’s AI didn’t work?

According Richard Socher – Chief Scientist, Salesforce, there are three reasons of why its works :

  1. The first one is, that now compared to even 10, 15, 20 years ago we have enough data, we have the capability now to very quickly label data and we have the ability to use business processes to actually collect data as part of the workflow.
  2. Number two, the algorithms. A lot of small algorithmic advances actually allowed us to push the accuracies often from low 70s where it’s not quite useful for business to the mid ‘90s, where is this going to reduce it.
  3. And now that you have all this data and you have these very powerful algorithms, you also need to compute and there we have the third breakthrough largely actually things two GPUs graphics cards and together. The three created perfect storm for an AI.

(Global Managing Director, Accenture AI) One of my recommendation to clients is that there is a lot that we can do operating by so the earlier that you start on the journey the more sophisticated our capabilities began. Falling behind quickly in AI is exponential, it’s not linear. So one month it’s not one month, it’s petabytes of data that you use to train your algorithm and make it more sophisticated. Get started on the journey, work with your data, because it will take some time, to get that.

(Richard Socher – Chief Scientist, Salesforce) The reason I’m actually excited to be at Salesforce is, that we have the data and we have the metadata associated with it (that’s the core of the CRM). We understand the workflows that people go through and we can record them and help them infuse AI features in the right places for 150,000 different customers. And if we empower all of them to also use the AI, that will change the entire economy.

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