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In an industry that moves at lightning speed, the optimal solution at the right time ― every time ― puts you miles ahead of the competition


The world of logistics is more volatile, precarious and competitive than ever before. And all signs indicate that this will only intensify.

Leading logistics players are struggling to keep up ― to satisfy an increasingly insatiable market while remaining profitable. Despite their best efforts and best planning methods, however, research shows that money is still being left on the table. Optimization technology that can balance the variables of simultaneously between fast-accurate decision making and satisfy all business KPI is the key to a lasting competitive advantage.


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Optimization Moves You from Good Enough to Great

Optimization significantly improves the quality of your plans, far beyond what is possible with manual planning. It helps you find the best result among a large set of results.

That being said, not all optimization solutions are created equal. Optimization is, in most cases, a trade-off between the amount of computational time invested and the quality of the solution obtained. Prioritizing speed over quality gives short-term results that look good on paper, but ends up jeopardizing your bottom line in the long run. Conversely, prioritizing quality over speed leads to solutions that may benefit your bottom line, but ultimately fail to do so because they came in too late. This translates into missed opportunity for profit and cost-savings. The longer it takes to obtain a quality solution, the more money you end up losing.

While speed and quality are critical, true optimization goes beyond merely striking a balance between the two. True optimization delivers an overall solution that is of a higher quality within a shorter period of time. It benefits your organization across all planning horizons, at all times. In fact, true optimization has proven to improve bottom lines by as much as 10% to 20%.

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Because every logistics planning scenario presents a staggering number of possible solutions, the benefits of applying optimization in logistics is particularly significant. Algorithms in the optimizer help you find the best solution while taking into account all constraints as well as profit margins, cost and customer service levels.

Speed is critical, especially when disruptions hit. Plans that have taken your planners weeks to create can unravel within minutes. Even the best planners ― as talented and experienced as they may be ― will not be able to re-plan within an acceptable timeframe, let alone on the day of operations. An optimizer can do just that ― in seconds.

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It’s all about “Quality and Speed”

Quality and speed are two characteristics of an optimal solution to a logistics problem. But how is an optimizer able to deliver such a solution? What approach does it take to deliver a great solution right when it is needed? The answer can be found by looking at the Quintiq optimizer, which has transformed the operations of the biggest logistics companies in the world.

What makes the Quintiq optimizer superior in the market is its adaptive search strategy. The Quintiq optimizer takes the Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search (ALNS) approach that is well suited to optimization problems that are very large, highly complex and tightly constrained. The adaptive strategy enables the optimizer to solve different puzzles for different companies. Using this adaptive strategy, the Quintiq optimizer is able to evolve its search based on different priorities at different stages of the optimization process. It automatically adjusts and recalculates search priorities as it progresses step-by-step toward an optimal solution.

Using the proven ALNS approach, the Quintiq optimizer is able to deliver an optimal solution in a matter of seconds. The final solution is accepted on the condition that it lowers costs, increases profitability and satisfies all constraints unique to your logistics operations.

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