Can You Hear a Defect or Equipment Issues?

The impact of acoustics in improving quality and reducing downtime

Broken things make noise whether it is failing equipment or defective product. Broken things have distinctive sound patterns that can be indentified by trained ear yet too often technicians and quality inspectors like the experienced equipment and access to accurately identify these sounds What if you could indentify subtle acoustical differences that indicate a problem without extensive training or even physical access to the object.

What if you could use artifical intelligence to compare the sound of correctly operating equipment or products against a library of acoustical abnormalities. What if this same AI can help you conduct non destructive testing before a product even leaves the factory introducing IBM acoustic insights technology. An AI power capability designed to help technicians and quality inspectors use sound to identify failures and defects across wide span of use cases take a vehicle engine test for example up to 40% of all vehicle faults are related to the engine yet engines can be difficult tp access.

Now technicians and quality inpsectors can use non-destructive testing powered by AI technology to diagnose multiple types of engine faults with a simple audio receiver you dont even need to be a data scientist or technical whiz to use the product, this can help technicians and inspectors avoid downtime, shorten repairs and improve overall quality. The human ear is not always able to detect the subtle sound differences that could indicate a problem by augmenting with AI an acoustic insight solution can be an extra set of ears to keep your products and equipment defect free.

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