Gaining Asset Management Benefits with Visibility, Control and Automation

To manage the full asset lifecycle and better address business imperatives, asset-intensive organizations require integrated visibility, control and automation across their business and technology assets. This approach can help organizations better achieve their objectives and maximize the value from all assets supporting the operation.

This increased visibility of all assets across the enterprise allows organizations to respond faster and make better decisions. Visibility provides an enterprise-wide view of asset details and processes from across the organization, including visibility into asset service processes across the enterprise supply chain.
With better control of their assets and asset-related data, organizations can:
• Better manage and secure their investments
• Increase governance and reduce operational risk
• Extend asset life, reduce inventory costs and control spending
• Mitigate compliance issues and risk
• Improve health, safety and environment, and security

In addition, increased automation enables organizations to:
• Build agility and flexibility into their operations
• Improve asset use with proactive asset management and consolidation of their systems
• Enhance operational capabilities by automating workflow, reporting through key performance indicators and dashboards and improving inventory data reliability

To manage the full asset lifecycle and address these business imperatives, asset-intensive organizations can derive great value by implementing the Maximo Asset Management solution.


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