IBM Client Story : Port of Rotterdam

Transforming Europe’s Largest Port Through Digitalization

It’s the futurism digitalization. The port of rotterdam is the biggest port in europe and still one of the greatest port, but the port need to change and transform because the future of the port is somewhere else.

Digitalization is going to offer a number of things, it’s going to offer more efficient operation. It just the starting point because it will also unlock more value with clients and it use the best technology to collect all the data into information.

IBM developed an application that coordinates ships berthing at terminal which is a very complex operation, it interacts with a lot of people (terminal operator, captain of the ship, etc) because it need to be done safely and securely and also takes some time and when it able to view all the operations of these different parties on the same dashboard.

It will able coordinate much more safe and much more efficient operation that could save one hour for berthing a ship. The port start the journey where it cannot see the end but it is going to be a very inspiring story.

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