Understanding the value of enterprise asset management

Implementing IBM Maximo Asset Management to enable your smarter physical infrastructure

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in asset-intensive industries is how to effectively manage all their different types of assets—without creating a huge management workload that erodes the bottom line. Enterprise asset management (EAM) processes and solutions are big business due to the inherent complexity of this problem.

In developing or manufacturing a product, or delivering a service for a market, asset-intensive organizations must constantly track, assess and manage an extraordinarily wide range of physical, technology and human assets. Organizations in asset-intensive industries must manage both inventory and production; repair machinery; hire and schedule employees; deploy and manage their IT infrastructure; and maintain physical plants, their linear infrastructure or rolling assets. To further complicate matters, technology infrastructures are tremendously complex, typically running applications and data in silos that can limit the effectiveness of cross-organizational operations and efficiencies.

Managing human resources—the most valuable asset of all—comes with its own special set of challenges. Long-term employees, for example, are continually edging toward retirement, which can mean a loss of knowledge and skills—and the expense of training new employees.

Despite these challenges, an organization’s products or services must constantly evolve to meet customer demands. Issues such as increased globalization; commoditization and competition; compliance with industry and government regulations; green and sustainable operations; health and safety in the workplace; eroding margins; and the resulting higher costs of doing business all contribute to this phenomenon.

So, how can an organization hope to both control assets and remain profitable? Successful organizations adapt to change by improving their operations and enabling flexibility and agility. And asset management can be a significant factor in their success.

Intoducing IBM Maximo Asset Management

It is clear that enterprise asset management is critical to the health of an organization. If handled correctly, it can be the key to continued operations in times of reduced budgets. It can help extend the useful life of equipment, improve return on investment and defer new purchases.

Introducing the IBM Maximo Asset Management solution, which provides the key to better managing your physical infrastructure assets.

maximo indonesia talian - 6 modules

Maximo Asset Management includes six management modules in an enhanced service-oriented architecture.

  • Asset management – Achieve the control you need to more efficiently track and manage asset and location data throughout the asset lifecycle.
  • Work management – Manage both planned and unplanned work activities, from initial request through completion and recording of actuals.
  • Service management – Define service offerings, establish service level agreements (SLAs), more proactively monitor service level delivery and implement escalation procedures.
  • Contract management – Gain complete support for purchase, lease, rental, warranty, labor rate, software, master, blanket and user-defined contracts.
  • Inventory management – Know the details of asset-related inventory and its usage including what, when, where, how many and how valuable.
  • Procurement management – Support all the phases of enterprise-wide procurement such as direct purchasing and inventory replenishment.

Maximo Asset Management provides an integrated approach to managing these discrete or complex assets, to help organizations overcome challenges rooted in their aging infrastructures or human assets and in their siloed or disconnected systems. By breaking down multiple silos of non-standard, non-integrated systems, an integrated approach can help align operations with overall business objectives.

Such an integrated approach can also support long- and short term planning—controlling inventory, for example, to better meet demands. It can enable preventive and condition-based asset maintenance. It can help manage vendors with comprehensive support for a full range of contracts and full support for managing service agreements.

Choosing a solution that can increase revenues and decrease costs

With Maximo Asset Management, organizations are better able to meet today’s business, operational and technology challenges, as well as more efficiently address the complete life cycle of resources. This solution enables companies to:

  • Manage an aging infrastructure
  • Control the “brain drain” among employees facing retirement
  • Consolidate operational applications
  • Provide a lower cost of ownership
  • Enable asset-intensive organizations to optimize their maintenance and repair supply chain
  • Leverage easy-to-use


Implementing a solid enterprise asset management solution can directly contribute
to the way organizations in asset-intensive industries increase
revenues and decrease costs.

The IBM Maximo Asset Management solution offers the required visibility, control and automation of key information an organization needs to achieve greater efficiency in asset management by managing all asset types, from traditional IT, physical and emerging smart assets, on a single technology platform.

Maximo Asset Management can support the maintenance of an organization’s smarter physical infrastructure and improve customer service, increase return on assets, enable greater compliance, improve asset performance and reduce risk. And it can do it in a shorter time period, while providing better visibility and control of all required information to better align with an organization’s overall business goals and objectives.

Maximo Asset Management software unifies comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management activities, providing insight into all enterprise assets, their conditions and work processes to achieve better planning and control, leveraging the business function within an organization.


For more information

To learn more about how IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions can help you manage your enterprise assets more effectively—and help to bolster your bottom line—contact TALIAN as your IBM Business Partner.


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