Better Linear Asset Maintenance

For industries with intensive linear asset maintenance that have a number of tight regulations in their operations such as railroad, road, oil and gas, and other public service providers, using a top-down or hierarchical approach to managing linear assets is a difficult and complex process .

The main infrastructure in the industry requires different ways and approaches than just the usual approach of asset management systems. Unlike assets commonly encountered in factories or fleets as well as other facilities, linear assets such as rail, road, oil and gas pipelines have unique characteristics requiring a unique asset management approach as well. This approach is known as linear asset management (LAM).

IBM Maximo Asset Manager Solutions IBM offers the best method for managing the linear assets included in this organization. IBM Maximo Linear Asset Manager is an add-on or additional capability of IBM Maximo Asset Management, which enables organizations to implement operational plans and support their efforts to achieve improved availability of their linear assets better. Maximo Linear Asset Manager helps organize and manage all types of linear assets, such as the following:

– Railways – majors, turns, connections at railway junctions, intersections and signs.

– Highways – roads, rural roads, bridges, tunnels, signals, traffic signs and Variable Message Signs (VMS).

– Pipelines (pipelines) – pipes, valves, valves, pumps, inspection indicators on pipes.

– Pole electrical cables – electrical transmission and distribution systems, substations, as well as poles and towers.

– For the power industry, telecommunications or pipeline, service guarantee is the main.

For private organizations in general, the problem of interruption in the service would have a direct significant impact to the fundamental part. Therefore, organizations in the industry can use Maximo Linear Asset Manager to better manage their infrastructure assets as a continuous asset, with dynamic segmentation division, provision of pole views, piping parts, directions, routes, customer address and more. Managing assets with the Maximo Linear Asset Manager also enables organizations in the industry to identify current issues and past problems that have been reported within the operational area and therefore can quickly determine the time-fix and change strategies, help reduce interruption times, and help to improve customer satisfaction.

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