Optimize Asset Utilization

Optimize asset utilization with enhanced approach to work management

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Asset management typically starts with planners and schedulers who create a strategic, short- or long-term work plan or schedule. Labor assignments are then applied against the scheduled work. A dispatcher manages the sequenced workload of the field technicians, adding new unassigned work to the existing schedule as it is submitted. If any individual in the chain lacks the tools necessary to perform his or her role properly and efficiently, the whole process can falter. Inefficient dispatching of resources can drive up maintenance costs—for example, when resources are inadvertently assigned to multiple work orders at the same time or when schedules need constant readjusting because they were based on incomplete information. Such inefficiencies can cause work backlogs across the entire team.

Support for a variety of roles is critical to effective work management

The enhanced Maximo Scheduler provides easy-to-use, graphical tools that can facilitate the work of every role on the asset management team.

For example:

Planners and schedulers can easily view the many factors that influence the creation of a realistic and attainable work schedule. The Maximo Scheduler Gantt view compares available crafts against the skills demanded to complete the selected work orders. Maximo Scheduler graphically shows planners when the materials are available, or when they are scheduled to arrive. Enhanced asset and location calendar functionality enables planners to see when the asset or location is available, eliminating the scheduling of work for when an asset is known to be in use. As a result, planners can create more accurate schedules and more easily manage them to completion.

Foremen can use a drag-and-drop approach to assign labor to scheduled work. System logic ensures that the pairing of worker skills with those demanded by the activity is enforced by highlighting mismatches. Vacations, breaks and unplanned absences are plainly visible. Work can be easily adjusted or split according to shifts.

Dispatchers can view the routes for their field technicians or crews based on the labor assignments made against the schedule. By leveraging public maps, dispatchers can view the actual positions of field resources, the positions of their route stops and the positions of neighboring work teams. Unassigned work appears on the map, enabling dispatchers to easily assign and manage incoming work by balancing and adjusting technician and crew routes according to geography, priority, the nature of the work or any other factors critical to their business.

Field technicians can also view the sequence of their work assignments on a map on their mobile device. The map also shows their work locations and routes, complete with turn-by-turn directions to their next route stop. In a true work team environment, the field technician can see the locations of neighboring resources or crews if assistance is needed. In support of performing their work, technicians can view all relevant work order details, receive newly assigned work and provide the dispatcher with real-time updates related to completed work.

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By supporting the demands of all of these roles within the work management chain, Maximo Scheduler provides a refined perspective on the entire work management process within an organization. Having this perspective ensures that all work is completed in an optimally efficient manner.

With Maximo Scheduler, organizations can save valuable time in scheduling, assigning, dispatching and monitoring asset management resources. Not only can they achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency with their resources and crews, but they can also complete maintenance work faster. Together, these efficiencies can lead to extended asset life.

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