PT Chang Shin Indonesia : Stepping up production while keeping costs down with a switch to smarter maintenance

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Major shoe manufacturer PT Chang Shin Indonesia has set a target of doubling its manufacturing capacity by 2018, and tripling it by 2023. But this rapid expansion needs to be carefully managed. To defend its strong position in a crowded market, the company must also keep costs firmly under control.

Rather than doubling the size of its production operations, the firm decided to make smarter use of its existing resources. Specifically, it aimed to boost the availability and utilization of the machinery on its production line. By combining a more reliable and efficient production line with more effective supplier management, it would also be able to switch to a just-in-time manufacturing strategy.

To pinpoint opportunities for improvement, the company needed a clear view of the location, condition and maintenance costs of production line equipment across its entire network of factories. Its existing asset management processes, which were based on a complex system of spreadsheets, were unable to provide this kind of insight. The company decided to engage Talian, an IBM Premier Business Partner, to help it find the perfect solution.

With Talian’s support, PT Chang Shin Indonesia deployed IBM® Maximo® Asset Management, a sophisticated solution designed to help companies make the best possible use of their assets.

Engineers working at the company’s seven plants use Maximo to record each asset’s location and condition, and all the maintenance activities they perform. As a result, for the first time, the company has real-time visibility of all of its production line machinery, which it can use to support smarter operational decision-making. Moreover, eliminating the old manual spreadsheet-based processes allows engineers to work more productively – focusing on maintenance tasks instead of paperwork.

The biggest impact of the company’s new enterprise asset management strategy is that it enables a switch of focus from reactive to predictive maintenance. To mitigate this risk, the company also performed regular planned maintenance – but it wanted to find a way to optimize its maintenance schedules. Instead of taking a machine offline for maintenance every few months, it wanted to be able to analyze how much each machine was being used, and only interrupt production when it was actually necessary.

The Maximo solution also features advanced root-cause analysis that helps PT Chang Shin Indonesia spot the underlying sources of persistent breakdowns, enabling it to take corrective action and prevent further problems.

In the past, one of the main barriers preventing PT Chang Shin Indonesia from making better use of its resources was its limited insight into the current location of equipment and raw materials. The IBM Maximo solution has also enabled PT Chang Shin Indonesia to integrate its procurement processes with its maintenance and inventory systems. Analyzing all the data provides the company with greater insight into which suppliers offer the best-quality products at the most competitive prices, helping to optimize its purchasing strategy.

Building on its success, the firm now plans to further streamline manufacturing by labeling raw materials with barcodes, enabling them to be tracked automatically throughout the production line.


Source from IBM

flokloker chan ching

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