A Day With AVIAMAGNA powered by IBM Maximo

Introduction,  AVIA MAGNA powered by IBM Maximo.

For the airlines, aircrafts are the core asset of their business. The company’s business depends on how well the condition of aircraft they operate. Moreover, one of the main factors of flight safety is also referred to the level of airworthiness of their aircraft. Therefore, keeping the aircraft condition always in optimal condition, instead of ensuring the safety of pilots, crew and passengers, is essential in this business. And maintaining the best condition to keep it in optimal condition is highly dependent on the quality of maintenance performed on the aircraft.

The aircraft is a special component that is very different from other modes of transport. Preventive maintenance is better applied where maintenance will be scheduled prior to the occurrence of the damage. Trends of critical assets maintenance today, including aircraft, is the reduction in unplanned maintenance (such as corrective maintenance) to the planned maintenance (such as periodic preventive maintenance). World-class companies even require the portion of planned maintenance no less than 80% of their asset maintenance activities.

Since the aircraft is an asset with a very complex and complicated component, then the best maintenance management can not be performed manually. Aircraft maintenance activities must be supported by a comprehensive technology solution to manage the processes efficiently and effectively.

Therefor, TALIAN and INDOPELITA invite you in our event: “A Day with Avia Magna: A Comprehensive Solution for Aircraft Management”. In this forum we will discuss the issue and solutions related to aircraft maintenance management in a comprehensive terms.

Author: TALIAN
Industry Solution Expert of Maximo, Quintiq, TEAM. TALIAN is an industrial solution provider. IBM Gold Partner for Maximo in Indonesia. Certified Maximo consultants expert of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
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