Congratulation to the 3rd Rollout of Maximo EAM at ChangShin Garut Shoe Manufacture

PT Changshin ReksaJaya Garut is the 3rd Rollout of GoLive Maximo Implementation. The factory is located in Garut, West Java, is included in a group of PT Changshin Indonesia.
After almost 6 months of the process from the initial kickoff, design and implementation with TALIAN Tim,
on 27 July 2016 PT Changshin Garut has entered a stage Go Live Maximo 7.5. Congratulation!

Author: TALIAN
Industry Solution Expert of Maximo, Quintiq, TEAM. TALIAN is an industrial solution provider. IBM Gold Partner for Maximo in Indonesia. Certified Maximo consultants expert of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
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