Kick-off Meeting for Maximo Optimization at Terminal Petikemas Surabaya

Terminal Petikemas Surabaya (TPS) or Surabaya Container Terminal has implemented IBM Maximo EAM as their enterprise asset management system for more than 3 (three) years.

As an intensive asset company in port and container terminal, TPS operated many equipments in yard service, gate system, and online transaction to provide best services for container with capacity 32.223 TEUS for international and 2.209 TEUS for domestic.

Customer expectation for improved services to the container terminal are highly felt today, in tune with the government’s initiatives and infrastructure growth. At the same time, container terminals begin to compete in the business each other.

With understanding that TPS’ core business truly depends on their assets, then TPS wants to improve the utilization of IBM Maximo throught the project titled “Maximo Optimization at TPS 2016”. TALIAN has selected as the consultant partner to perform this prestigious project. To mark the starting of the project, TPS conducted the Kick-off Meeting between TPS EAM-Taskforce Team, DPWorld representatives, and TALIAN at TPS office at Jl. Tanjung Mutiara, Surabaya, on Monday, Feb 1, 2016.

“Maximo Optimization project is a following up of workshop for Maximo improvement that has been held last year,” said Seno Hardijanto, CEO of TALIAN, who attended the meeting. “In that time, TALIAN has conducted some interviews and surveys to find some aspects that need to improve in the term of business process, technology, and user’s skill. These findings become the reference of the optimization project today.”

Through this project, TPS expects that the level of services to customers become more efficient by improvement on work management, inventory management, and procurement management in Maximo that is in line with improvement of their business process and user’s skill.

Author: TALIAN
Industry Solution Expert of Maximo, Quintiq, TEAM. TALIAN is an industrial solution provider. IBM Gold Partner for Maximo in Indonesia. Certified Maximo consultants expert of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
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