Three Days Visiting YTL Jawa Timur

PT YTL Jawa Timur is the O&M operator for Jawa Power of 1,220 MW coal fired power station that supplies electricity into the Java-Bali 500 kV grid, which is owned and operated by PLN.

For three days (Feb 9-11, 2016), they conducted some discussions with and presentations over engineering department and MIS audiences of YTL as apart of Maximo Annual Customer Support Plan (ACSP) project. Instead of exploring Maximo current configuration and implementation, they also presented and promoted some concepts and features of potentially usable Maximo that YTL has not implemented, such as rotating asset/item, stocked tools, condition monitoring, classification, failure code and problem-cause-remedy.

“Through this visiting, we expect for Maximo working improvement in our company. We have implemented Maximo for more than five years since version 3,” explained Agus Hardjanto, MIS Manager of YTL Jawa Timur. “Moreover, we plan to get certification on technical operation this year where one of the aspects to be assessed is about work management and evidences where it is closely related with Maximo implementation.”

As the result of this visiting, TALIAN has conveyed some recommendations for YTL Jawa Timur in the term ofMaximo improvement for future development.

Author: TALIAN
Industry Solution Expert of Maximo, Quintiq, TEAM. TALIAN is an industrial solution provider. IBM Gold Partner for Maximo in Indonesia. Certified Maximo consultants expert of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
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