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Maximo Upgrade 5.2 to 7.5 and integration to Oracle E-Business Suite

VICO Indonesia’s roots lie in the pioneering spirit and vision of the independent oil and gas company who brought LNG to Indonesia in 1977. For more than three decades, VICO has been a leader in Indonesia finding and developing energy resources vital to economic, infrastructure and social developing of a modern vibrant nation. VICO has utilize MAXIMO Enterprise Asset Management and want to upgrade their 5.2 version to 7.5. The unique point of this project is the gap between existing MAXIMO version and the new one.

From the user point of view, MAXIMO 5.0 was no longer original, there has been many enhancement to accommodate the client’s need. There for, consultants have to transform MAXIMO 5.2 objects one by one to MAXIMO 7.5. The massive reports that MAXIMO handles in this company made the project also quite massive. We had to bring all of our consultants to catch up with the GO LIVE schedule.

SmartCloud Control Desk

Vico has implement ITSM/ITAM using IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk, which is planted on Maximo platform, in 2014. Previously, Vico using separate applications in their system. in that condition, it is necessary to have well integrated application system. With IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk, it is expected ICT dept in Vico improve their performance.

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