IBM Maximo Implementation

Introduction to the IBM Maximo Implementation Success Model

The success of a Maximo Enterprise Asset Management project can realize great value across the organization. Many customer environments have had very successful deployments of the tool and quite successfully manage everything from nuclear power plants to planes, trains, and automobiles. The level of effort and planning required to achieve success has every bit as much to do with the complete picture (people, process, and technology) as it does with a simplistic view of the software as a tool.

Having successful deployments at thousands of sites with many involving thousands of users and others having two users is a testament to the success IBM can deliver with Maximo. Deployments that have had problems are typically a result of ignoring key aspects of deployment and are completely avoidable. For that reason, this section focuses on clarifying the various aspects and providing the lessons learned so best practices can be taken from the start.

The value of the project is more easily realized when consistently paying attention to deriving the plan from a success model point of view. The success model discussed in this section focuses on the right level of communication and demonstrated commitment from all levels of people to making the investment successful. It also focuses on people (education, training, and product improvement reviews), process (consistent adherence to process) and technology (the right level of automation and development).

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