IBM TRIRIGA is IBM’s solution for workplace data integration, which is provides a single system to manage the lifecycle of facilities. Its integrated workplace management system increases the operational, financial and environmental performance of facilities. Through business analytics, critical alerts and automated process capabilities, IBM TRIRIGA can increase visibility, control and automation of: Real estate management, Capital projects, Space management, Facility maintenance and Energy management.

With IBM TRIRIGA real estate management solutions, finance and real estate executives can view the information they need to make decisions based on real estate transactions, consistent pre-built lease accounting controls, and automated lease payment reconciliation.

IBM TRIRIGA delivers energy and environmental tracking and management capabilities through the use of a single, comprehensive repository of an organization’s environmental data. This provides the means to measure and track energy and environmental performance, evaluate cost reduction and ROI for opportunities to reduce energy, investigate strategic performance improvements, and manage project implementation. With IBM TRIRIGA, organizations get the alerts and information needed to identify high performing locations, avoid over-payment and comply with new financial reporting requirements.

For more information to learn more about how IBM TRIRIGA can delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), contact TALIAN as an IBM Premium Business Partner.

In short, IBM TRIRIGA maximizes the return on
your capital project investment.

Operations Management
Space & Facilities Management
Capital Project Management
Real Estate Portfolio Management
Energy and Environment Sustainability

What is a Smarter Building?
Smarter Buildings are well managed, integrated physical and digital infrastructures that provide optimal occupancy services in a reliable, cost effective, and sustainable manner.

Are more cost effective by reducing energy and operating costs.
Use active and designed-in techniques to achieve reliability, efficiency and environmental responsibility.
Provide Visibility, Control and Automation to building systems.
Maintain a safer and more secure workplace.
Communicate in real-time to supporting infrastructure (i.e. smart grid, broadband, etc.).

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