IBM Control Desk

IBM Control Desk (ICD) is built from the ground up, to provide a unique platform, able to provide a platform for IT assets and non IT assets to work and the only platform in the market able to manage physical and digital infrastructure across your organization within a single solution. You will be able to maintain, administer and manage your IT and non IT assets while leveraging out of the box ITIL processes.

IBM Control Desk (ICD) is a comprehensive IT Service Management (ITSM) solution that helps reduce cost and minimize service disruptions through automated service request handling, efficient change management, optimized asset lifecycle management across IT and enterprise domains.

IBM SmartCloud Solutions enables organizations to execute business processes, analytics and applications as a service, and then realize cloud benefits by accelerating the time to market  of these solutions and the transformation they bring. These solutions enable clients to reduce risk and capital investment,  as well as the burden on IT resources, with instant and ongoing scalability to help them stay one step ahead of the market.

For more information to learn more about how IBM Control Desk can delivers an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), contact TALIAN as an IBM Premium Business Partner.

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