TEAM The Integrated Solution powered by TALIAN and IBM


TEAM is an integrated solution powered by Talian with partnership of IBM Maximo EAM, built specifically for aviation and power generation industry, to help them simplify the asset management process and maximize the performance for the better tomorrow.

TEAM for Power Generation

TEAM for Power Generation is a complete enterprise asset management system powered by “IBM Maximo EAM” that manages the lifecycle of power plants. It streamlines and automates key asset management processes while providing a single platform for managing all asset types.

It also supports industry-specific requirements by modeling various type of power plant, including hydro powered, gas fired and coal fired.

Use TEAM for Power Generation to:

  • Manage asset configuration using predefined template based on KKS *
  • Manage all stages of the asset life cycle including purchasing, acquisition, inventory control, work management, preventive maintenance and corrective action using predefined configurable workflow
  • Provide dedicated applications to support the management of tech specs and procurement engineering.
  • Develop standardized job plans, safety plans for critical and recurring work activities.
  • Analyze asset failure based on preloaded ready to use failure hierarchy

* KKS = “Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System” or “Identification System for Power Plants”

“For more information about TEAM for Aviation, please contact TALIAN as an IBM Business Partner.”

TEAM for Aviation

Maximo for Aviation has been developed with input form a number of design partners over many years in key areas : configuration management and scheduling.

Maximo for Aviation – Capabilities :

• Engineering
• Maintenance Planning
• Logistics
• Scheduling
• Work Management
• Technical Publications
• Quality
• Finance
• Contracts & Billing
• Mobility

Maximo for Aviation target markets are Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Service Providers and Airlines / Operators. Special for commercial, defense & government clients who manage fixed, rotary wing aircraft, and large unmanned aerial vehicles.

Airbus as a major development partner for IBM who helping to define an unique requirements of the industry, reviewing designs and also testing of sprint releases.

“For more information about life cycle management system using Maximo as the integrated software, please contact TALIAN”

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